Environment, Sustainability, Circular Economy

Raison d'etre

World class expertise for sustainability innovation projects!

We’re a professional services consulting firm created to tackle projects that matter. We have an overt focus on innovation management in the service of sustainability and equality, within any industry or domain.

We’ll undertake any qualifying project that helps move society forwards against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or an equivalent framework.


Our ‘worst problem first’ approach gets us to the heart of things quickly. A methodology to make key design decisions the true basis of your solution, and avoid compromises where you can’t afford them.

Single integrated platform for clinical microbiology, real-time epidemiology and intervention research

Technology strategy

Client: Pathogen Dynamics Group

Project Ampheus

Find out how we helped scientists focus on research while we solved their information management headache

Where we excel

  • Understanding innovation
  • Great project management
  • Complex regulatory environments
  • Emerging trends and technologies
  • Outcome focused

“Working on a project at Treligan is rewarding. Space to be innovative, support to do a great job. And the work is always worthwhile.”
Talya Shalev
Project Coordinator


Carbon Literate People Trained

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our lifetimes. A common language for understanding the problem and taking action is the foundation on which the system will be rebuilt.