Sustainable future high street

The high street matters

The High Street has undergone a long, and not always easy evolution. Forever keeping in step with the latest fashions and rising trends, its shop-fronts, eateries, entertainment venues, and physical design have embodied our society throughout the decades. Its identity at the heart of British culture has enabled it to weather many storms, but the present decline of the High Street is not only a loss of amenities, services, and leisure activities, it can also indicate a localised decline in economic and social stability.

Technology Solutions to Modern Day Dilemmas

Our understanding of the business world’s interaction with people and with the broader environment have come a long way, and so has our capacity to use data and technology to improve our lives and our livelihoods. Effective data management drives efficiency, higher profits, and customer satisfaction, all whilst helping to identify sustainable pathways to profit and growth. Treligan, partnered with Novascape, can help you to develop digital architecture and technology solutions for a sustainable, prosperous future.

Envisioning a Sustainable Future, Communication for Clarity

Before construction comes design, and before meaningful, lasting change comes vision. Without being able to conceptualise a sustainable version of our lives, we risk not being able to identify the changes that matter. For enterprises undergoing organisational development for sustainability, this means redefining missions and priorities, reworking business models, and providing clear communications to staff and stakeholders. We must have conviction in our diction, speak-up for what matters, and we at Treligan are here to help you shape that vision, and articulate your sustainability transformation.

Building Sustainable Partnerships

Developing and implementing sustainable business models in the fast-paced world of today has never been more full of opportunities, and more challenging. No matter the product or service, working together has also never been more beneficial. Developing strong mutually supportive business ecosystems can be key to survival in a post-competition world.

Reducing Waste, Redistributing Food

How we manage and reduce the waste from production and consumption will be a defining aspect of how we reduce the unneeded extractions from, and (ab)uses of, the environment. The reduction of food waste can also provide a lifeline to those in need. This applies also to other items that fulfil people’s basic needs, such as clothes, sheltering equipment, and sanitation products.

Governance for Sustainability and the Environment

Running a business or an organisation of any kind brings opportunities, but not without the concordant responsibilities and accountability to investors, clients, or members. Good governance is about ensuring the right information ends up with the right people at the right time. Governing for sustainability and cohesion focuses on the needs of each individual allows the core business, its employees and management, to carry out the day-to-day without worry, because each person feels able to rely upon supportive governance mechanisms, and can therefore trusts in their collective ability to pull together, adapt, and act quickly when needed. Applying this in practice means simple and reliable reporting of the key indicators, effective and proportionate risk analysis, and clear processes for addressing the issues.

Re-Greening and Natural Air Cleaning

Reducing Carbon and other emissions is a matter of health and livelihood for everybody. Bringing nature back into our cities improves our wellbeing, and our world. However, adding green capital means more than just planting trees and seeding wildflowers. Nature within constructed environments is at risk from pollutants, drought, and over-exposure, amongst other things. We can help you to partner with other interested people and parties to develop sustainable re-greening and natural air cleaning strategies. Drawing upon our personal wealth of experience and applying botanical evidence, the future of our towns and cities can be a green future.

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