Sustainable built environment

The high street matters

The High Street has undergone a long, and not always easy evolution. Forever keeping in step with the latest fashions and rising trends, its shop-fronts, eateries, entertainment venues, and physical design have embodied our society throughout the decades. Its identity at the heart of British culture has enabled it to weather many storms, but the present decline of the High Street is not only a loss of amenities, services, and leisure activities, it can also indicate a localised decline in economic and social stability.

Technology Solutions to Modern Day Dilemmas

Our knowledge of the way people interact with high street retail and leisure sector services, civic space and public realm has come a long way, and so has our capacity to use technology to capture, model and understand these interactions at a macro and micro level in town and city centres.

At the same time, we are beginning to understand more about the importance of nature in cities for wellbeing, placemaking and economic prosperity, as well as the ecological importance of biodiverse cities in the wider landscape.

Today we can achieve sophisticated data capture of citizen and visitor behaviour; vehicle movements; touchpoints with public services; urban energy consumption. Analysis of this data helps drive efficiency, civic engagement, higher tourist spend, customer satisfaction, but it can also help identify more sustainable pathways to urban prosperity. Improvements to air quality, eco-therapeutic access to green space, facilitation of active travel – these significant co-benefits can be achieved at the same time.

Working with technology partners in the wider Novascape Group, Treligan can help local authorities, business improvement schemes and civic trusts develop built-environment digital architecture and technology solutions for a sustainable local future.

Communication for Clarity – Public Consultation to Prioritise Sustainability

Before construction comes design, and before meaningful, lasting change comes vision. Without being able to conceptualise a sustainable built environment, we risk overlooking once-in-a-generation opportunities to remodel our high streets and city centres for sustainable.

Treligan provides expert support for public consultation on development schemes of significance, with a focus on amplifying sustainability benefits which doesn’t come at the cost of meeting the economic needs of redevelopment or disenfranchising communities. We work with citizens, SMEs, property development stakeholders, planning authorities and other key stakeholders to achieve a shared sustainable vision.

For regeneration schemes this means redefining missions and priorities, reworking business models, and providing clear communications to stakeholders. We must have conviction in our diction, speak-up for what matters, and we at Treligan are here to help you shape that vision, and articulate your high street sustainability transformation.