Environmental Data Management

Combining environmental subject matter expertise with a deep understanding of earth systems data domains

We’re uniquely positioned to provide value to projects and programmes grappling with complex environmental data use cases. Our years of experience in natural systems data management and environmental regulatory data domains allow us to engage at speed and scale with highly specialised requirements of public bodies, scientific institutions and corporations who need to better manage environmental data.

Best in class Data Management for the planet

Data Management for environmental and earth systems use cases.

Treligan provides expert advice and support on data management initiatives to those working in technical environmental settings (in regulatory environments and in academia), in the corporate environmental responsibility arena, and for industry more generally. This covers best practice management of the data itself as well as a range of high-end user research and user experience consultancy services to ensure that applications of the data meet the needs of users. We have particular experience of working within the UK Government’s Digital Service Standard and helping organisations remain compliant with its requirements.

Treligan is part of the Novascape Group which also operates dedicated data management consultancy Data Veritas, providing further depth and breadth of experience in combination with Treligan’s direct experience and knowledge of the environmental data domain.

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