Ecology Services

Regulatory compliance and care for the natural world

House building, road building, land use change, waterways management – human activity never stops, and responsible developers know the importance of obeying environmental protection regulations to avoid unnecessary harm – and unnecessary cost.

There is increasing interest in habitat regeneration, and we advise on the improvement of habitats and the establishment of new habitat in a wide range of settings. We can also help developers come to terms with emerging requirements for ‘biodiversity net gain’ in planning, and design schemes that meet these requirements.

Ecology Services

Protect the natural world and comply with regulations and requirements

We provide a complete range of services for many use cases; environmental impact assessment, habitat survey, protected species and habitat creation and improvement.

We’re passionate about bringing innovative design solutions for nature recovery, landscape regeneration and city greening into the mainstream. We work with organisations of all sizes to improve natural capital.

Great Crested Newt Survey

Natural England and Natural Resources Wales survey licences

Hedgerow and Woodland Planting Schemes

Impact assessment, species suitability, stock provision and planting management

Invasive Species Management

Identification and Impact Reduction / Eradication Planning

Nesting Bird Survey

Species identification, arboriculture practice guidance

Water Vole Survey

Activity detection and habitat suitability reporting

Tree and Hedgerow Survey

Ecological Value Survey, Tree Health Survey

Planting Schemes

Tree and Hedgerow impact assessments and method statements

Urban Regeneration

Planning and implementation for urban greening, parks development and recreational green space improvement

Planning support

Biodiversity Net Gain assessment, impact assessments, ecology clerk of works

The ecology of the planet encompasses the most important connections in our world. Ecology traces a network throughout the natural environment, between wild animals and their habitats, as well as between us, our food supply, and our built environment. Ecological awareness is at the heart of sustainable growth, and sound environmental and economic policymaking. It concerns the world as a whole, yet each of us operates inside our own unique ecological niche.

Developing a meaningful understanding of the ecological context of your business can be the difference between making headway, and really getting ahead. Treligan optimises business practice and enhances decision making by utilising your organisation’s unique ecological network. Navigating the complexities of your organisation’s ecology, including natural and manufactured environments, its business ecosystem including extant regulatory frameworks, Treligan provides bespoke solutions for modern day projects.

Becoming a sustainable business includes ensuring reliability and longevity of supply, whilst reducing or negating harmful environmental outputs from sourcing and distribution. Conservation of the natural environment is macro-sustainability, attempting to ensure stability between human and wildlife habitats at national and global levels. At a local level, contributions towards this “big picture” can seem nebulous, or downright futile. Ecological services can help to identify those changes that each individual, workplace, or senior team can introduce to make a difference as part of the day-to-day.

Through the fostering of environmental stability and social cohesion, Treligan believes sustainable means of producing and delivering goods and services can create new opportunities for businesses and people everywhere.

Ecological Surveys

Understanding natural habitats and biodiversity is not only often a legal requirement, for land-based businesses it is also an opportunity to better understand how the the interactions between business needs, people, and the natural environment work and where conflicts may lie. Survey is the first step towards developing workable mitigations and measures to secure economic as well as ecological sustainability.

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Navigating the legal framework surrounding environmentally and ecologically impactful business activity can often seem an insurmountable challenge. Treligan’s expert advisors cut through the legalese to provide practical insights and pragmatic solutions, identifying key regulatory requirements for your project and helping you to develop sound strategies to ensure compliance. 

Ecology Action Plans

Implementing evidence based ecology strategies with meaningful action plans creates sustainable land-based businesses. Whether planning new developments and projects or changing operational ways of working, an ecological survey is an important first step. Making provision for the ecological effects of business decisions and projects will help to ensure regulatory compliance, protecting you and the environment from negative impacts. 

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Treligan’s combination of professional expertise and creative solution finding can bring your business ideas to life sustainably, setting you apart from competitors, and helping you to become a market leader.

Best Practice Training

Within human culture and society there are many ecosystems thriving within communities, as well as between businesses. The business ecosystem is as important to understand as any other, and at Treligan we have the breadth of experience to help your business to make the most from its connections: between its people and partners; with other businesses; and with the natural environment. By identifying interdependencies and co-opportunities between business, stakeholder, and environment, optimisation of resources, regulatory alignment, and sustainability can be achieved

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Treligan’s expert team of consultants can help your business or organisation to map its business and environmental ecosystems, train-in the ecological knowhow, incorporating ecological practice and policy.