Circular Economy

Circle is the new line

The circular economy is an economy where we have the mindset and tools to tackle a broad range of environmental threats, from climate change to phosphate and nitrate cycle degradation and biodiversity loss. It’s a big systems shift that will let us build a more equitable society that is more economically resilient.

Or circular economy focus is in product, plant and site design, and process and systems re-engineering for complex organisations.

Rethinking material and resource flows in business

Practical circular economy techniques and training for business

Circular economy perspectives are a powerful tool for modelling a broad range of business processes relating to production and consumption in order to minimise consumption of new raw materials. On a practical level, circular economy models prioritise mechanisms such as sharing or leasing over ownership, reuse and repair over disposal, and repurposing and recycling existing equipment, space, materials, products, even intellectual property as long as possible. At its best, circular economy thinking is transformational for an organisation and can deliver significant bottom line benefits as well as improved customer perception. Our expertise and focus around circular economy practices relate principally to manufacturing and supply chain.

Start With The Problem That Is Hardest To Solve

We are a team of positive-minded, high-capability consultants focused on tackling difficult projects that matter to society. We focus on innovation in sustainability and equality.

Our ‘worst problem first’ approach gets us to the heart of things quickly and forms the core of our sustainability transformation service. We make key design decisions the true basis of your solution, and avoid compromises where you can’t afford them.



Understanding why your organisation is so apprehensive about tackling a problem can give you the best clues for a way to fix it – and brings home why it’s so important that you do.



What might life be like if you really did solve this problem? What new directions could you travel? How successful could you be? Understanding this informs your business case and provides the incentive for change.



We’ll give you clear action planning guidance to help you transform until the problem no longer exists (and usually solve quite a few more along the way).

If we could build an economy that would use things rather than use them up, we could build a future.
Ellen MacArthur
Founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation