Carbon Net Zero

Make tough choices early to achieve your climate action ambitions

Organisations with a net zero carbon target have already made the tough decision to put planet ahead of profit, but for most sectors there is an uncertain road ahead to deliver on this promise. Even without a formal commitment to decarbonisation, incoming legislation related to enhanced carbon footprint reporting and increasing scrutiny from investors and stakeholders put climate action centre stage. We’ll help you understand the challenge and implement a decarbonisation roadmap.

Expertise in data tools and organisation change principles to achieve net zero.

Almost no-one has an easy path to achieving a net zero target. Reduction of the CO2e impact of business activities is tough for scope 1 and 2 emissions, and can seem an insurmountable challenge when considering the complexity of scope 3.

Treligan provides a range of consulting services to help organisations cut through this complexity and make good decisions early to set them on a clear path. We partner with providers of carbon footprinting data for products and supply chains, app-based behaviour change tools for reducing personal carbon footprint in the workplace and in daily life, software tools for the intelligent management of resource consumption, and business change consultancy to help organisations plan for and move towards a net zero target operating model.

We connect the dots on carbon reduction for organisations, introducing business leaders to the concepts, experts and specialist tools that will make the most difference in the context of their industry sector and specific operation.

Get the right advice for your sector

Carbon reduction is an asymmetrical challenge – different sectors need to respond in different ways, and the toolkit and priorities are not the same for manufacturing as they are for retail, or local government, or construction.


Speak Carbon – The UK’s first carbon literacy training network.

Working with the Carbon Literacy Project, Zero Carbon Britain, and independent sustainability consultants offering accredited carbon literacy training, Treligan formed the UK’s first network for carbon literacy training professionals. Our objective is to foster rapid adoption of carbon literacy, as a baseline standard for action planning in support of net zero carbon targets for organisations and regions.

Carbon Literacy for organisations.

We can provide fully certified Carbon Literacy for leadership teams, key personnel, or whole organisations, to unlock the power of a common language and action plan on decarbonisation. We can also provide introductory courses delivered in person or via eLearning suites.

Carbon Footprint Analysis.

Our relationships with data providers in the carbon footprinting space enable us to perform a wide range of carbon footprint analysis projects from product lifecycle to supply chain analysis. We’ll work with you to understand the appropriate level of precision to enable good decision making in procurement, new product development, or process design.

Action Planning collation.

Workforce engagement is critical to the success of carbon reduction schemes, and through Carbon Literacy training (which has an explicit focus on group action planning) and the use of engagement tools like Pawprint, businesses can be inundated with brilliant, grass-roots ideas for change. We use traditional ‘pain point’ mapping processes to form these into cogent themes, and plan to tackle the root opportunities that give rise to each theme.

Product carbon impact assessment.

We can provide expertise in the field of new product development in relation to detailed bill of materials carbon footprint analysis, as well as advice on high impact mechanical or industrial processing and their non-product outputs, logistics impact, product operating efficiency and everything else required to provide a product total cost of ownership in relation to carbon, covering both embodied carbon and ongoing impact.

Decision-making Data tools.

We have extensive experience of data management in supply chain and in relation to product lifecycle, especially around supplier product selection and onboarding and new product development. We know that it is in this part of the product lifecycle, where decisions are made based on many product attributes, that the right level of environmental impact data i available to make solid but still swift decisions. Leverage our years of data management experience to achieve better carbon governance around product and supply chain.

Communications strategy.

How you explain the changes you’re making and the impact they’ll have is critical, both internally and externally. We’ll help you get the full value of any business change and employee engagement initiatives related to carbon reduction, so you can use this business critical activity as an opportunity to for employee pride and satisfaction, and to delight your customers and clients – and importantly, ensure that they see your progress as real, not greenwash.

Key Partner, Employee Engagement - Pawprint

Meet Bjorn the bear.

We’ve worked with the team at Pawprint from the very beginning of their journey, and we know they won’t stop until millions of people are empowered to take control of their personal carbon footprint. With the release of Pawprint’s business toolkit, organisations can harness the collective power of their workforce to move more quickly towards a net zero target.

Treligan advises clients on the use of engagement tools like Pawprint alongside action planning on energy, fleet, procurement, investment strategy, and all the other aspects of the journey to net zero.

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