Start with the problem that is hardest to solve


Understanding why your organisation is so apprehensive about tackling a problem can give you the best clues for a way to fix it – and brings home why it’s so important that you do.


What might life be like if you really did solve this problem? What new directions could you travel? How successful could you be? Understanding this informs your business case and provides the incentive for change.


We’ll give you clear action planning guidance to help you transform until the problem no longer exists (and usually solve quite a few more along the way).

'Worst Problem First' Thinking

We live in fast changing times. Business models and old practices are disrupted. Customer habits and expectations change every year. The value of traditional assets becomes uncertain. New technology renders markets obsolete.

We are a team of positive-minded, high-capability consultants focused on tackling difficult projects that matter to society. We focus on innovation in sustainability and equality.